Agate- Grounding, Emotional,Physical & Intellectual Balance
Amazonite- Truth, Calming, Harmony
Amber- Warmth, Healing & Cleansing, Grounding
Amethyst- Cleansing, Intuition, Protecting
Apatite- Intuition, Wisdom, Communication
Aquamarine- Peace, Communication, Empowering
Aventurine- Vitality, Confidence, Optimism
Bloodstone- Purification, Courage, Vitality
Carnelian- Confidence, Vitality, Grounding
Charoite- Wisdom, Perspective, Contentment
Chrysocolla- Gentle Power, Wisdom, Communication
Chrysoprase- Love, Healing, Joy
Citrine- Imagination, Clarity, Manifestation
Fluorite- Clarity, Focus, Order
Garnet- Manifesting, Self Worth, Healing
Hematite- Grounding, Clarity, Manifestation
Howlite- Surrender, Letting go of Attachments
Iolite- Intuition, Vision, Integration
Jade- Abundance, Wellbeing, Nature Energy
Jasper- Grounding, Nurturing, Earth Energy
Kyanite- Communication, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Ability
Labradorite- Intuition, Psychic Ability, Journeying
Lapis Lazuli- Vision, Truth, Awareness
Larimar- Peace, Relaxation, Communication
Moonstone-Intuition, Inner Work, Patience
Morganite- Divine Love, Emotional Healing
Obsidian- Protection, Purification, Grounding
Onyx- Focus, Discipline, Self- Mastery
Opal- Releasing Attachments, Emotional Amplification
Pearl- Self- Care, Nurturing, Emotional Healing
Peridot- Positivity, Abundance, Creation
Picture Jasper- Visioning, Earth Energy
Quartz- Amplifies other Crystals, Protecting, Manifesting
Rhodochrosite- Nurturing, Self Love, Compassion
Rhodonite- Purpose, Generosity, Contribution
Rose Quartz- Love, Trust, Emotional Healing
Ruby- Courage, Passion, Life Force
Sapphire- Focus, Inner Vision, Discipline
Smoky Quartz- Grounding, Clearing, Practical Action
Sodalite- Insight, Clarity, Intuition
Tiger's Eye- Balance, Grounding, Discernment
Tourmaline- Joy, Love, Emotional Healing
Turquoise- Wholeness, Truth, Communication
Unakite- Healing, Perseverance, Cleansing

*Reference guide courtesy of BEADAGE.NET

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"Change Your Energy" by Krista N. Mitchell
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